How To Choose The Best Lehenga For Your Dream Wedding

The wedding lehenga has to be the major shopping havoc for every bride-to-be. The bride may choose different lehengas for the lined-up occasions, yet the one she wears on the wedding day is set to be the highlight. While the wedding lehenga carries tons of emotions and signifies a very special day, every bride-to-be would be in awe if she finds the perfect lehenga for her dream wedding.

Six Things To Consider To Choose The Best Lehenga For Your Dream Wedding

Though there are millions of options out there, there are six most crucial things to consider while shopping for wedding lehenga.


1. Be Aware of Your Body Type

You can be in love with the whole idea of your favorite model in a certain lehenga, but at the time of your trial, you may dislike it. The reason is the body type, there are many body shapes and various lehengas that hug different curves of the body. You as a bride-to-be must know your body type and choose a wedding lehenga style based on the best-suited one.

2. Consider Your Height

You must consider your height as a factor while choosing the lehenga. If you have short height, automatically go for a high waist wedding lehenga that adds a few good inches to your height. While the tall bride-to-be must ditch their heels and opt for long choli to have themselves a proportionate look.

3. Know Your Colors

Every skin color is gorgeous, and while one can carry colors of their choice, not everything suits a skin color. The most popular traditional red and gold are still top choices, yet the market has opened multiple options of color shades to choose from. Bride-to-be, here’s your chance to find the right shade that compliments your skin and you be in the limelight of the night.

4. Never Leave Dupatta Out

Always remember, the dupatta is as important as your wedding lehenga and choli. Usually yes, we leave out the dupatta for a plain or transparent contrast, but a large part of the lehenga is covered by the dupatta. Hence, it carries the final look of you as a bride and must be perfect.

5. Include Uniqueness

Every bride-to-be wants her wedding lehenga to be unique and not ever look like a dress similar to someone. Seeking something exquisite and unique, Nikital Gujral understands your feeling, come and find her at the nearest store or look up online.

6. Keep In Line with Your Taste

It is your wedding, and you must choose the lehenga of your taste. While there are trends and influenced patterns turning the market now and then, you tend to get confused. Stick to your taste and look up for the style that your heart belongs to, and don’t forget the color codes. Happy Wedding!

The bottom line is you are the bride, and your happiness means the world to us. Knowing the ever-evolving trends around the internet as a wave, Nikita Gujral believes in designing your wedding lehenga with the utmost attention and love. Nikita Gujral has the goal is to produce clothing that stands out by her design and self-expresses the bride-to-be’s charm. Now, let’s get you a perfect dress, contact Nikita Gujral or visit the website today!