Nitika Gujral’s journey with designing clothes started almost four decades back while she was still in high school and held her first exhibition for family and friends. Making clothes has been a part of her life ever since.

‍There were no fashion schools to train with when she started. She has learned about various crafts and techniques from the master craftsmen that she worked alongside with in order to transform her vision into ensembles for her clients.


Nitika Gujral's  brand concept is based on designing with utmost attention and love, Moto is to always keep our consumers' expectations in mind.

Clothing, in our opinion, is a form of self-expression. Our main aim is getting to know our customers, their needs, and interacting with them. The goal is to produce something that is authentic to you while remaining faithful to the Nitika Gujral Label design sensibilities. We take great interest in customising details and involving our clients in the design process.

As fashion evolved over the decades so did the need to constantly acquire knowledge to keep her product contemporary.


However through all the change there has been a constant that has been the hallmark of Nitika's brand. The pursuit of beauty and perfection coupled with an innate sartorial elegance have always defined her creations.

An ability to engage with clients patiently to create bespoke garments that reflect their persona for their special occasions is what has created a loyal client base for this brand.

Behind the Scenes at Nitika Gujral

Every karigar who helps us create each ensemble, many of whom have been with us for years and play an important role in developing our creative abilities, having contributed to where we are today.
Nitika Gujral Label stands for every artisan, every individual behind the scenes who helps us bring all of our ideas to life and express our creative vision.